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I’m incredibly proud of [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] — proud of everybody on it, of what we did … You can’t be prouder of that show. - SMG (x)

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Okay, I realize this hilariously late for Asexuality Awareness Week (which was last week), but due to unforeseen stressors, it didn’t really get done in time.

Anyway! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, and I’m proud of myself of actually getting a six page comic done within a week. (Not that it’s really anything super fancy, but it’s better than nothing lol) I do apologize for the massive ugly text wall that is page four but I had a hard time figuring out how to convey it visually while being kind of pressed for time. oh and the occasional copy/paste, I’m sorry for that too

Enjoy! Click on the separate pictures if the text is hard to read.

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evolution of tennant: jude (1996)

  ·  PSA THIS MOVIE STASRS CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON  ·  and is also the saddest story in existance  ·  like i want to reccomend it because it's good but i DON'T want to reccomend it because it will rip your heart out  ·  not in a good way in a PAINFUL way  ·  but anyway our boys are in it and they're handsome  ·  jude  ·  Q  ·  540  ·


Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)

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She’s one of us now. She’s a monster.

           She’s a victim.

                      So were we, once upon a time.

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(Source: avayala)

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Companions + Tumblr (insp)

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Angel Investigations: We Help The Helpless.Nobody touch me, this is way too much.


Angel Investigations: We Help The Helpless.

Nobody touch me, this is way too much.

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My Fair Lady, 1964.

My Fair Lady, 1964.

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